Prayer for the Divine Will Chaplet





The Round of the Soul in the Divine Will



This little rosary is composed of six sections.
It will be used four times in order to do a complete round (24 Hours)


On the three small beads:  whitePater,    Red – Ave,    Green- Gloria.

On the large bead (rhombus with the FIAT), the ejaculatory prayer:

“Come O Supreme Will,
to reign upon earth!
Invest all generations!
Win and conquer all!”.
(Vol. 35 – Nov. 20, 1937)


On one side of the medal there is the Crucifix inserted within thirty-six rays, which represent the thirty-six volumes on the Divine Will, written by Luisa.

On the other side there is Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of the Divine Will.


The Rosary of the

                Creating FIAT

                        Redeeming FIAT

                                   Sanctifying FIAT



Do you want to know how to grow in the FIAT?

“By calling it in everything you do, whether natural or spiritual. In fact, everything is in the Divine Will; therefore It wants to love together with you, and if you call It, It gives you Its Love in your power in order to be loved; It gives you Its sanctity to make yourself a saint, Its light to make Itself known and to eclipse your weaknesses, miseries and passions, so that they may no longer have life in you, but only Its Will, laying and forming Its Life in your little act…”

(From the Letters of Luisa – Corato, January, 2, 1939)




Dearest soul who yearns to live in the Divine Will, with joy I present to you the 2nd edition of the booklet “The round of the soul in the Divine Will” – a little work, now broadened and enriched, which presents excerpts from some passages corresponding to this “Pious pilgrimage of the soul in the Divine Will”.

This is how the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, called it; and on this pilgrimage she used to go around, in the Divine Will.

To follow this progressive school of prayer means to be formed for the Mission of the FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA, the foundation of which is to give back to God, through the “Rounds”, the Glory, the Love, the praise, the thanksgiving of all the Divine qualities which He has spread throughout the Creation, including man, and to impetrate the Kingdom of the FIAT Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven, as Jesus taught us in the prayer par excellence: the Our Father.

If with the prayer of the Our Father we impetrate the Kingdom, with the rounds in the Divine Will we learn how to live in the Kingdom – that is, in the Divine Will on earth as It is in Heaven.

As in the 1st edition, the little rosary is composed of six sections. It will be used four times in order to do a complete round (24 Hours). On the three small beads, we recite a Pater, Ave, Gloria; and on the large bead (rhombus with the FIAT), the ejaculatory prayer: “Come, O Supreme Will, to reign upon earth! Invest all generations! Win and conquer all!”

This is the prayer that allows us to give voice to all the creatures of the universe.

We will hold hands with all of them in order to reach the Creator, with the purpose of loving Him, adoring Him, thanking Him and glorifying Him – of intensifying the prayer of life: “Come, O Supreme Will…”


They are an exchange of life, which is amplified and nourished with the Life of the Supreme FIAT.


To give back to God the Glory which is due to Him. To place oneself in relation with the attributes of God, which are spread throughout the Creation, and to impetrate the Kingdom of the Supreme FIAT upon earth.


Acts of love, of reparation, of praise, of thanksgiving, of blessing, of recognition and of gratitude.


To the Single and Continuous Act of God.


With the immensity of God and with the creative and preserving power of the Divine Will, which sustains the whole Creation, including man.


Love of gratitude, of recognition, of thanksgiving, of union, and an exchange of Light, because one receives Light to then give back the fruit of Light.

An exchange of life, of peace, of serenity; an amplification and expansion of the soul in God, and of God in the soul.



The rosary of the rounds is a braid of all created things that hold hands and go around their Creator, because they are sustained by the same force, by the same Divine Life, with which the Supreme Being has released His FIAT.

When man unites to the Creation and penetrates into the Life of the Supreme Fiat that sustains It, he enters into the Divine Act, he unites to Its FIAT, to Its Divine Will in act, and his natural act is transformed into a Divine Act. So, his actions are gradually molded and divinized because they have received the direct transmission of the Life of God Himself.

When God made the Creation He prepared a worthy dwelling for man. And when He created man, he intended to prepare a worthy dwelling for Himself, for His Divinity, for His Supreme Being, for His Glory.


It is not simply going around to admire the created things. Many holy souls have done this. Here, instead, we are dealing with the possession of the very Life that sustains the Creation. But in order to make It our own, we must enter into the Will of God, the Creator – that is, to unite ourselves to that FIAT through which the whole machine of the universe was released, to pronounce the FIAT in His Most Holy Will, to take possession of It, give thanks and offer It in return, to then receive It again and return It again.

The more one goes around, the more the rounds is expanded, and the globe of Light – the Light of God, His Life within us – is expanded, while the human will, which induces us to perform human acts, becomes weaker.

It is like putting the plug into the socket. It is like the antenna of the TV.

By doing the rounds we unite ourselves to the FIATs of Creation and of Redemption, to crown them and complete them with the act of the Third FIAT: “FIAT Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven”.

This FIAT is the fulfillment of the Work of God. It is a step one takes toward Heaven, and a step that Heaven takes toward the creature, to the extent of reaching the Unity of Life in the Divine Will, like innocent Adam.

These are powerful, holy acts, according to how the soul lives in the Divine Will.

The rounds serve to form the nourishment of the soul. They are acts of Light, because God is Light.

It is the prayer of Glory; it is the prayer without personal interest, because one asks nothing for oneself, but only for the glory of God and for the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Not even a shadow of human interest enters into it.

The rounds are immense, because created things are linked to each other like members to the head; so, if one prays and reaches one created thing, at the same time one reaches all other things, because the acts are multiplied to the infinite through the lifeblood that circulates in the whole universe: the Creative and Preserving Power of the Divine Will.

It is the life of Heaven that God wants to fecundate and complete in all the creatures who open their hearts to these knowledges.

Jesus in the Holy Host also does His rounds, because, remaining in the Eucharist, He goes around all hearts, in order to fecundate His Divine Life in them and bring them back to the possession of Sanctity and to the Unity of the Most Holy Trinity.


“…I pray that they may all be one. Father! May they be in us, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they be one, so that the world will believe that you sent me.” (John 17,21)

To go around in the Divine Will means to love, to appreciate, to praise and to possess God.

That love which you have encountered in the sun, is the love that God has placed there for you; once you have reached it, by virtue of the act done in the Divine Will, it has become yours.

To enter into the works of God means to unite oneself in all and to penetrate into everything through the echo that reaches everything and unites all.

The rounds unite us to the Redeeming FIAT as the means of reconciliation between the Divinity and humanity; they form us and prepare us for the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God within us.

(Ref.: Vol.15 – Feb. 16, 1923)

This Kingdom is within you.

“No one will say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’; because the Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17, 21).

This is the Gift!

Why Gift? Because the human creature could never equal God. And what can worthily glorify God but to give Him His own Love, Power, Goodness…? But this can happen only if we enter into the sphere of Eternity – into the Divine Will. In this way, one can give back to God what he has received.

From here, the institution of the prayer of the Our Father. With this prayer the seed of the Kingdom was sown, and for two thousand years the Church has been watering this seed by teaching it and having it recited by the great and the little, by the sick and the healthy, by the learned and the ignorant. (Ref.: Vol.26 – Aug. 25, 1929)

The FIAT contains the operating act of the Divine Will, and the Divine Will creates with Its creative word and multiplies the acts of the human creature who lives in the Most Holy Will of God.

To go around in the Divine Will means to unite oneself to the acts done by Jesus in His Most Holy Humanity.

“Man must begin to penetrate into my Eternal Will…” (Vol.15 – Feb. 16, 1923)

Jesus operated within the sphere of His Divinity – that is, in Eternity, where the Act is always present, because God is eternal and His acts are eternal.

E.g.: The universe, the whole Creation, is always in act.

In the same way, man, with his immortal soul, by virtue of the Holy Baptism lived in Its wholeness, even down here on earth can live the Divine Life, on earth as It is in Heaven, and ascend back to his original innocence.

Man possesses a creation within himself – made of spirit, not of matter.

E.g.: faculties, powers, intelligence, memory, will, thoughts, desires, love, character, tendencies, etc…

It is all a spiritual patrimony that, if used and lived in the Divine Will, enters into direct contact with God through the whole Creation, and becomes Divine inheritance.

This is the inheritance given to us by God, but it has not been benefited from, because of original sin.

“Continuing my usual round in the Supreme Will, I was saying to myself: ‘My Jesus, your Will embraces and encloses everything, and I, in the name of the first creature that came out of your creative hands, up to the last one that will be created, intend to repair for all the oppositions of the human wills made against Yours, and to take within me all the acts of your adorable Will which the creatures have rejected, in order to return them all with love and adoration; in such a way that there may be no act of Yours without the correspondence of one act of mine…” (Vol.20 – Oct. 15, 1926)

Sister Assunta


Practical and most efficacious way to do the round
in the Most Holy Will of God, and to impetrate
the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat upon earth.

The soul rises into the arms of her Creator and flings herself into His Divine womb, to unite herself with Him in all the acts He did in the Creation for love of her.

So she enters into Eden, to receive the first Fiat of God – that regenerative breath that always generates – going around throughout all centuries, to embrace them all and to make up for all. She goes around within the seas of the Queen Mama, in order to repeat all of Her acts and give to her God all the acts of her Mama, as if they were her own. She flies into the Conception of the Word and in all the acts that He did in His Life, to give her own act to each act, be it even a tiny act of love – a “thank You”; and asking for His Kingdom, she follows Him step by step, unto His death. She follows Him even into Limbo; she waits for Him in the sepulcher to ask for the triumph of the Kingdom of His Divine Will by virtue and glory of His Resurrection. Finally, she accompanies Him in His Ascension into Heaven to press Him, so that the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat may return upon earth.

Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!


As we wake up

As our eyes open to the light of day, let us make our whole being rise in the Light of the Will of God, and let us begin our round.

The first act must be an act of love in the Divine Will. Let us make this act diffuse in all intelligences of creatures, in all gazes, in the words, in the motion, in the steps, in the heartbeats, in each breath.

Then, let us bind all of these acts of ours with those done by Adam in the Holy Will of God, with those that the creatures who will live in the Divine Will will do, up to the last one that will be done on earth.

Let us rise a little higher, then, into Creation. For love of the creature God created the sun, the stars, the sea, the earth, the birds, the flowers; and we – let us take all this love spread throughout the Creation, let us make it our own, and let us offer it to our Creator like as many acts of homage, of love, of blessings and of praises.

And now, let us go higher, up there in Paradise. Let us go through all the Angels and through all the Saints; let us unite ourselves with the whole Celestial Court, and let us give an act of love to Jesus for all and for each one.

Then, let us draw near the Virgin, our dear Mama. She is ready to give us all of Her merits as gift, and we, with the confidence of children – let us take all that She has done, from the very first moment of Her Conception up to Her last breath, and let us offer it to our God as if everything were our own.

And then, let us go to the Word, and ask Him to let us take part in all of His acts: His Conception, His birth, the flight to Egypt, the thirty years of hidden life, the three years of public life, His Passion, His death, His Ascension into Heaven. He has done all this for us – let us make it our own, and let us offer it to the Sacrosanct Trinity.

Only in this way, miserable creatures as we are, can we offer the most complete and holy act, because in this way the creature gives nothing of her own, but gives back to God all the glory that comes to her from what He Himself has done.





The soul follows the Divine Will:

    1. in the Heavens and in the Sun;
    2. in the sea and in the wind;
    3. through the whole earth;
    4. in Eden;
    5. in the fall of Adam;
    6. in the characters of the Old Testament.




The soul follows the Divine Will:

    1. in the Heavens and in the Sun;
    2. in the sea and in the wind;
    3. through the whole earth;
    4. in Eden;
    5. in the fall of Adam;
    6. in the characters of the Old Testament.

First Hour

The soul follows the Divine Will in all of Its acts
to keep It company, and to receive Its Divine Life.
She follows It in the creation of the Heavens and of the Sun.

My Jesus, I come into the Heavens to sing the praises of the Divine firmness. I go around and I come into the Sun, to give its kiss of light and love to all.

Oh! How beautiful it is to see Your Supreme Majesty pronouncing one Fiat and extending the azure Heavens with billions of stars, dazzling with light. Then It pronounces another one and creates the Sun; It pronounces one more and creates the wind, the air, the sea, and all the elements together, with such order and harmony as to be enrapturing.

My Jesus, my Good, oh! how I yearn to receive within myself all the love that your Divine Fiat had in creating the Heavens studded with stars, so that I myself may have as much love as It had in creating them, and I may extend my Heaven of love toward the Fiat. And investing all the stars with my love, I want to give my voice to the heavens and to all the stars, so that all of them may say together with me: “I love You – may your Kingdom come soon upon earth, for the perennial glory of your Divine Will.” I come into the Heavens, I fly over all the stars, to adore and sing the praises of the Divine firmness, of Its unshakable Being, so that It may render creatures firm in good, and they may dispose themselves to receive the Kingdom of your Will.

My Love, I continue my round, and I come into the Sun – into the act when the Fiat unleashed so much light from the womb of the Divinity, and formed this globe of light which was to embrace all the earth with all of its inhabitants, to give its kiss of light and of love to all, with which it was to embellish, fecundate, give color, enrich and bejewel everything with its light.

Don’t You feel, my Love, how your Will would want to tear the veils of the light, so as to descend and reign in the midst of creatures? And I, upon the wings of the light of the Sun – I pray You, I press You, that the Kingdom of your Fiat come; and from the center of this Sun, I pray You that your light may descend into the hearts of creatures and form its Sun in them. Let your love descend and burn away all that does not belong to your Will.

This Sun is your Divine relater. O please! my Love, let it be so that, as its light touches the creatures, it may reveal to all of them the Kingdom of your Fiat and Its Sanctity.

“My daughter, enter into Me – into my Divinity, and run in my Eternal Will. In It you will find the Creative Power as though in the act of delivering the machine of the entire Universe. In each thing I created, I placed a relation, a channel of graces, a special love between the Supreme Majesty and the creature…” (Vol.12 – Feb. 20, 1919)

“…with highest contentment, I extended the heavens, dotting them with stars, knowing that those stars would be many and varied relations, innumerable graces, rivers of love, which would flow between my Humanity and the Supreme Being.

“…with one single creative word I created the Sun, as the continuous relater of the Supreme Being, providing it with light and heat, placing it suspended between Heaven and earth, in the act of holding everything, of fecundating, warming and illuminating everything…” (Vol.12 – Feb. 20, 1919)

Second Hour

The soul follows the Divine Will
in the creation of the sea and of the wind.

My Jesus, the murmuring of the sea, the darting of the fish, the tumultuous waves together with the refrigerating freshness of the wind, ask You for the Kingdom of your Fiat.

Therefore, I come into this sea to acclaim and to love your incessant motion within its murmuring; your strength and justice in its huge waves, your purity which knows no stain in its crystal clear waters, all of your grace and your immensity that envelops everything, in the sea. And I pray You to render the man who lives hidden and wrapped in your Most Holy Will, upright, strong and pure, that he may run within your own motion, from which he came.

My Life, Jesus, I go around the wind, to love, praise, acclaim and bless in it the empire of your Will, its refrigerating freshness and its violence and impetuosity that knocks down, raises and kidnaps away all that it invests.

How many beautiful Divine qualities are hidden in the veils of the wind. Therefore I pray You that by the empire of your Supreme Will, your Kingdom may come into the midst of creatures, and may rule in such a way that none of them will be able to resist It.

“…And now, my daughter, let us descend into the lower part of the earth; let us go into the sea, in which immense masses of crystal clear waters are piled up – symbol of divine purity. These waters are always walking – they never stop. They have no voice, yet they murmur:

‘…Be pure like these crystal clear waters. But if you want to be pure, walk always toward Heaven, otherwise you would putrefy, just as these waters, so pure, would become putrid if they did not always flow. Let the murmuring of your prayer be continuous…’” (Vol. 20 – Nov. 1, 1926)

Third Hour

The soul follows the Divine Will, flying over the whole earth;
and, admiring all creating things – the air, the grass, the mountains, etc.,
she asks for the Kingdom of the Fiat.

My Jesus, I want to bless, glorify and impress my “I love You” in the order of the entire Creation, in order to bring the order and harmony of the Kingdom of your Divine Will to all.

I want to fly over the whole earth, to impress my “I love You” on the little blade of grass, on the little plants, upon the heights of the mountains as well as in the darkest abysses, to ask You, everywhere, for the Kingdom of your Fiat.

Therefore, I keep going around, impressing my “I love You” in the little bird that sings, trills and warbles, to ask You, together with its singing, for the Fiat of your Kingdom. I seal my “I love You” in the little lamb that bleats, to ask You, in its bleating, for your Kingdom; in the turtledove that moans, to moan along with it and, loving You, ask You for your Fiat. There is no being which I do not intend to invest, in order to repeat my refrain: Fiat! Fiat!

“…My daughter, come and do your round in my Will. See, my Will is one, but It flows in all created things, as though divided, but without being divided. Look at the stars, the blue heavens, the sun, the moon, the plants, the flowers, the fruits, the fields, the earth, the sea – everything and everyone: in each thing there is an act of my Will – and not only an act, but my Will has remained in each created thing as the preserver of my own act…” (Vol.17 – May 21, 1925)

Fourth Hour

The soul goes into Eden and unites herself to the feast of God in the creation of man.

I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat in order to follow all of Its acts; and as I arrived at Eden, I comprehended and admired the magnanimous act of God, and His exuberant and overflowing Love in the creation of man.

My Jesus, in my shiver of love, I come right into the act in which your Supreme Majesty, overflowing with love, is about to breathe upon man, and blowing on him It infuses life in him, giving him your Likeness, and the Divine Fiat as inheritance. I too want to receive your regenerative breath; I want to love You and adore You with that perfection and sanctity with which the first father Adam loved You and adored You.

I enter into the Unity of your Will – into that very Unity which your dear jewel possessed, so that my will may be one with Yours – one the Love. And in this Unity that embraces everything, may my voice resound in Heaven, invest the whole Creation, penetrate into the darkest abysses, and say and cry out loudly: “May the Kingdom of your Divine Will come. Fiat – Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.”

“My daughter, Our Love was so captivated in the act of creating man that We did nothing but reflect Ourselves upon him…

Our Divine Being is most pure spirit, and therefore We have no senses. In the whole of all Our Divine Being, We are most pure and inaccessible light; this light is eye, is hearing, is word, is work, is step. This light does everything, watches everything, feels everything, is everywhere.

…Therefore, as We created man, Our Love was so great that Our light, carrying Our reflections over him, molded him; and in molding him, We brought to him the effects of Our reflections.

…With how much love was man created – to the point that Our Divine Being melted in reflections over him, to communicate to him Our Image and Likeness…” (Vol.28 – Mar. 24, 1930)

Fifth Hour

The soul is present at the fall of Adam in Eden and at the Divine Sorrow,
and tries to repair with her love.

My Life, Jesus, I do not want to go out of the Unity of your Divine Will so as to make up for that which the first creatures lost; to remove the mark of dishonor that was impressed on their foreheads because they did their own will; to maintain with You the joys, the happinesses, the amusements that they had in the first times of Creation. I want to place my kiss, my continuous reparation on that sorrow, which was so great as to make You cover Yourself with the mantle of Justice.

I want to place on You the mantle of peace, of light, of the Unity of your Will, and have one single cry: “May the Kingdom of your Fiat come. May the first times of Creation return. May the feasts, the joys, the amusements between You and the creatures be opened once again.” I will not leave You; I will not descend from your knees, if You do not give me your word that You will let the Kingdom of your Will return once again into the midst of creatures.

“I was following my round in the Supreme Fiat, and as I arrived at Eden, I said to myself: ‘My Jesus, I make the Unity of your Will my own, in order to make up for that Unity that my father Adam lost when he withdrew from It, and to make up for all the acts that all of his descendants have not done in the Unity of the Divine Fiat…” (Vol.23 – Feb. 2, 1928)

Sixth Hour

The soul continues her reparation;
then she goes through all the main characters
of the Old Testament, and longs for Redemption.

My Jesus, I want to hover in your Divine Will in order to trace everything and everyone. Therefore I imprison my “I love You” in the sacrifice of Abraham and in the obedience of Isaac, to ask You, for the sake of this sacrifice and of this obedience, for the Kingdom of your Divine Will. In this Unity of your Fiat I find the sorrow of Jacob, the sorrow of Joseph and his glory, the power of the miracles of Moses, the strength of Samson, the sanctity of David, the patience of Job.

See, my Love, these are the acts of your Will that I keep tracing within all creatures to ask You, by means of Its own acts, that your Fiat be known, loved and wanted by all.

Then I continued my round in the Divine Fiat, accompanying, with my “I love You”, all the prodigies It had done in the Saints, Patriarchs and Prophets of the Old Testament, as well as in those after His coming upon earth, to ask for His Kingdom by virtue of all these acts.


The soul follows the Divine Will:

    1. in the Conception of Mary Most Holy;
    2. she asks for the Kingdom together with her Mama;
    3. in the Conception of the Word;
    4. in the Circumcision;
    5. in the flight to Egypt;
    6. she asks for the Kingdom together with Jesus and Mary.

Seventh Hour

The soul dives into the seas of Light and Sanctity
and is present at the Conception of the Celestial Mama.
Together with Her, the soul prays for the coming
of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.

I see You, Three Divine Persons, giving life to the little Queen by virtue of your Creative Word, creating Her pure and spotless.

My Love, I see You laying down the mantle of Justice; and assuming the attitude of new feast, maybe more than You did in the Creation of man, all Three of You, Divine Persons, release from Yourselves seas of Power, of Wisdom, of Love and of indescribable beauty. And concentrating all of these seas, from their depth and by virtue of your creative word You call to life the little Queen, creating Her pure, spotless and so graceful with beauty as to enrapture Her very Creator. At the Conception of this Immaculate Queen, feasts open between Heaven and earth, and the whole of Creation rejoices and bends Its knees, celebrating Her as Queen.

Within Her I hear Her continuous refrain: “May the Kingdom of Redemption come. May the Word come upon earth. May peace come between Creator and creature.”

“I was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Will and, arriving at the Conception of the Most Holy Virgin, I stopped to offer to the Divinity the Power and the Love which the Divine Persons had in conceiving this Celestial Lady, in order to obtain the coming of the Kingdom upon earth…” (Vol.35 – Oct. 25, 1937)

Eighth Hour

The soul, together with the Sovereign Mama,
continues to press the Celestial Father, impetrating
the Kingdom of the Divine Will, just as it happened for the Kingdom of Redemption.

Holy Mama, give your hand to your little child, and You Yourself let me cross the sea of your love, that I may place my incessant “I love You” in your sea of love, and form in it my little sea in order to ask, with the sea of love of the Mama and of Her child, for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.

My Mama, don’t You want to make your little child content by saying together with me: “Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven”, so that there may be one single love, one single Will, one single act and one single voice?

“Sovereign Queen, I come to hide my little love in the great sea of your Love, my adoration toward God in the immense ocean of yours. I hide my thanksgivings in the sea of yours; I hide my supplications, my sighs, my tears and pains in the sea of yours, so that my sea of love and yours may be one, my adoration and yours may be one, my thanksgivings may acquire the vastness of your own boundaries; my supplications, tears and pains may become one single sea with yours, so that I too may have my seas of love, of adoration, etc. And just as your Sovereign Height impetrated the longed for Redeemer with this, I too may present myself before the Divine Majesty with all these seas, in order to ask, to beseech – to implore the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.” (Vol.20 – Nov. 2, 1926)

Ninth Hour

The soul follows the Divine Will in the Conception of the Word;
she keeps company with the Little Prisoner Jesus in the womb of His Mama,
and contemplates His birth.

My Sovereign Mama, in the same Divine Fiat I follow the Conception of the Word within your Maternal womb, in order to place in your womb, as cortege, all the acts I have done in It – my continuous “I love You”, my little pains…; so that, as the Divine Fiat conceives Him in You, I may provide It with my acts together with yours, in order to make It conceive Him; and for the sake of the great love He had in descending from Heaven and enclosing Himself in the little prison of your womb, I may ask Him for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

My Jesus, I want to place my kiss and my “I love You” in your tender limbs without motion, and ask You, for the sake of these pains of Yours, that your Divine Will may have motion in the creatures, so that It may put to flight with Its light, the night of the human will, and form in them the perennial day of your Fiat.

My tender Little Baby, the cortege I want You to find as You come out of the Maternal womb, are all of your works, like an army ordered around You. And this tiny little one makes them say: “I love You, I love You, I love You, I bless You, I thank You, I adore You”. With all, I want to impress my “I love You” and my first kiss upon those shivering lips of Yours. When You came out of the Maternal womb, shivering, You took refuge in the arms of the Celestial Mama, and She pressed You to Her womb; She kissed You, and giving You Her milk, She warmed You and calmed your crying.

Jesus, little as I am, I too want to place myself in the arms of your Mama, and upon Her own kiss, I want to impress my own, to make it flow within your milk, so that, as dear Mama nourishes You with Her milk, I may nourish You with my love. Everything She does to You, I too want to do.

“I was doing my round in the Creation and Redemption, and my little intelligence stopped when my charming Little Baby, in the act of coming out of the Maternal womb, flung Himself into the arms of the Celestial Mama, feeling the need to make His first outpouring of love…” (Vol.28 – Sept. 28, 1929)

* * * * *

“My daughter, in my very Incarnation, when I descended from Heaven upon earth, the first purpose was the Kingdom of my Divine Will, and in the Kingdom of my Will – that is, in my Immaculate Mother who possessed It – I turned the first steps. My first dwelling was in Her most pure womb, in which my Fiat had Its absolute dominion and Its Kingdom, whole and beautiful. And in this Kingdom of my Will I began and I formed my life down here…” (Vol.26 – May 16, 1929)

Tenth Hour

The soul follows the little child Jesus in the arms of His Celestial Mama,
in the pain of the Circumcision, and encloses all human wills within that painful wound.

My charming Little Baby, my “I love You” follows You in the crude cut of the Circumcision. With my “I love You”, I want to soothe the first Blood You shed. I want to seal my “I love You” in each drop of It, in the tears You shed because of the intensity of the pain, and in those of the Sovereign Queen and of Saint Joseph at seeing You suffer. That Blood, that pain, those tears, ask You for the triumph of your Kingdom. My dear little Jesus, I want to press You to my heart to mitigate the spasm You suffer; I want to enclose all the human wills of creatures within this wound, so that they may have life no more, and your Divine Will may come out of this wound in order to reign in their midst.

“I was thinking to myself: ‘When I go around within the Supreme Will, following Its acts in the Creation and Redemption, all things seem to speak – all of them have something to say about this admirable Will; but when I am occupied with something else, all things remain silent – it seems they have nothing to say.’ But while I was thinking of this, the sun penetrated into my little room, and its light pounded on my bed. I felt invested by its light and heat, and at that moment, a light came out from within my interior, and diving into the light of the sun, the two of them kissed. I was surprised, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, how beautiful is my Divine Will bilocated in you and in the sun. When It dwells in the soul and makes a sweet encounter with Its own works, It makes feast; and as It plunges into Its own acts which It exercises in created things, they kiss each other…” (Vol.21 – Mar. 26, 1927)

Eleventh Hour

The soul follows Baby Jesus in His flight to Egypt.
She calls all Creation to court Him, and asks,
with everyone, for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

My lovable Little Baby, as You are fleeing I want to make You hear my “I love You” with my refrain: I want your Fiat – the Kingdom of your Will.

As You flee, my Love, I feel my heart being tortured in seeing You crying and sobbing bitterly; in seeing that they are looking for You, not to give You shelter, but to make You die. And I want to calm your crying with my love.

While You flee, night and day, You are always exposed to the open-air. It is right that I take care of You and call all created things in order to cheer their Creator. Therefore I call all the light of the sun which, illumining your beautiful face, says: “I love You”. I call all the birds of the air, that they may form lullabies of love for You with their singing and trilling. In sum, I want to take You to Egypt, accompanied by the triumph of my love; and as refrain, I ask You for the Kingdom of your Will.

“My daughter, repeat it always, if You want to make Me happy, and calm my baby crying”. (Vol.25 – Dec. 25, 1928)

Twelfth Hour

The soul with Jesus in Egypt: she offers her heart as shelter,
and together with the Queen of Heaven,
she asks for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

My Jesus, I follow your crying, and I offer my heart as shelter of your Eternal Fiat.

My dear Little Baby Jesus, as I follow You, You have now arrived in Egypt, and I see that sorrow, tears, oblivion, the abandonment of all, accompany You everywhere; so much so, that You are forced to enter into a little hovel, badly sheltered, exposed to winds and to rain. No one in the world offers You a little shelter. Oh! How You sob, my most tender Baby, in seeing your little Humanity suffering the same lot as your adorable Will – no one offers, freely, the dwelling of his soul to let It reign and dominate; and even though It is in their midst, It goes as though wandering.

My beloved Baby, center of my life, while You dwell in this hovel, I want to follow all your acts and those of the Celestial Sovereign; and while She rocks You, I too want to rock You and favor your sleep with the cradlesong of my “I love You, I love You”. While She prepares your swaddling clothes, I want to make my “I love You, I bless You, I thank You, I adore You” flow in the thread that flows through Her maternal fingers, so that, when our Divine Mama will clothe You, You will feel that your garment is woven together with my “I love You”, which asks for your Fiat.

“…Oh! Holy Will, how lovable and powerful You are! With your loveliness, You attract me, You enrapture me, You enchant me; and I, enchanted, wouldn’t know how not to remain fixed in You. And with your power, You remain firm over my littleness, You pour Yourself in torrents, in such a way that I have lost the path to go out of your endless light. But, happy loss! O please! O adorable Fiat, make everyone lose their path, that they may know no other path but that which leads into your Divine Will…” (Vol.28 – Mar. 9, 1930)


The soul follows Jesus:

    1. in Egypt;
    2. in the return to Nazareth;
    3. in the desert;
    4. in His public life;
    5. in His miracles;
    6. in His entrance into Jerusalem.

Thirteenth Hour

The soul is present at the first exit of dear Baby Jesus
into the midst of the children of Egypt; she sees that He blesses them,
and prays Him also to seal the human wills with His blessing.

My Celestial Baby, your love pushes You to go out of the little hovel, and the children of Egypt, attracted by your beauty, throng around You; and You speak with so much love that, they listen to You, enraptured. You instruct them, and You end by blessing them; then You run to your Mama because Her love echoes in your Heart, and as She calls You, You run into Her arms. My Love, I want to follow You in everything; I want to make my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I thank You” resound beneath your tender steps, in the gesture of your little hands, in your words, sweet, lovable, enrapturing and full of life, and in your charming gaze, to ask You for the Kingdom of your Fiat. And as You bless the children, bless this little child of your Will, by sealing with your blessing the life of your Will in my little soul.

“I was continuing my round in His adorable Will; and while following the acts He did while He was on this earth, I paused when Jesus was blessing the children, when He was blessing His Celestial Mama, the crowds and others, and I prayed Jesus to bless this little daughter of His…” (Vol.24 – Jul.29, 1928)

Fourteenth Hour

The soul follows Jesus who, after the exile, returns to Nazareth;
and with the rain of her “I love You”, she asks Him, with a thousand voices,
for the coming of His Divine Kingdom.

My Life, Child Jesus, I see that your exile has ended, and You return to Nazareth; and I want to follow You step by step. Even more, I want to accompany You under a rain of “I love You, I adore You, I bless You”; and as You retreat into Nazareth, I retreat with You, continuing with the rain of my “I love You’s”, so as to win from You, by dint of love, that which You want, what the Queen Mama wants, and what I too want – that Your Will be known and reign in the midst of creatures.

My Life, Jesus, I am now with You in the house of Nazareth, and I want to follow You step by step to impress my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I thank You” in everything You do, and to ask You for the Kingdom of your Will. As the currents of love run between You and your Mama, my “I love You” runs along with them, to ask You and the Celestial Mama that your Will be known.

My Divine Jesus, I would feel unhappy if I did not follow You in everything, and if I did not keep You occupied with my company, letting You hear my refrain: “I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I thank You”, to ask You, together with your acts, for the Kingdom of your Will. In fact, being near You, I feel your very heartbeats wanting this, and your very Divine Will wanting to be known and to dominate in the midst of creatures.

“After this, I followed my Divine Fiat, doing my round in It; and as I arrived at the house of Nazareth, I was saying to Him: ‘My Love, may there be no act You do which is not followed by my “I love You”, to ask You by means of your acts, for the Kingdom of your Will…’.” (Vol.23 – Mar. 11, 1928)

Fifteenth Hour

The soul follows Jesus at the Jordan;
she asks for the salutary Baptism of His Divine Will,
so that all may receive Its Life, and she accompanies Him into the desert.

My Life, Jesus, as You arrive at the Jordan, I want to make my “I love You” flow in those waters, in such a way that, as St. John pours them over your head to baptize You, You may feel that your little child does not leave You alone, but keeps You company with her “I love You”, making it flow in those waters to ask You for the baptismal water of your Divine Will for all creatures, so that the beginning of your Kingdom may come. My Love, in this solemn act of your Baptism, I ask You for a grace that You certainly will not deny to me: I pray You to baptize my little soul with your holy hands, with the vivifying and creative water of your Divine Will, that I may hear, see or know nothing but the Life of your Fiat.

“My daughter, I went into the desert to call again that same Divine Will of Mine, which the creatures had deserted for forty centuries. And I, for forty days, wanted to remain alone, in order to repair for the forty centuries of human will, in which Mine had not possessed Its Kingdom in the midst of the human family; and with my Divine Will Itself, I wanted to call It back, once again, into their midst, so that It might reign.” (Vol.22 – Sept. 8, 1927)

Sixteenth Hour

The soul follows Jesus at the wedding of Cana,
asking Him to exchange the human will with the Divine.
She continues to follow Him in His public life.

My Jesus, for the sake of that love that pushed You to surrender to the supplications of the Sovereign Queen to make the miracle of changing the water into wine, I pray You, also for the sake of your love for your Celestial Mama, to make the great miracle of changing the human will into the Divine, that It may reign on earth as It does in Heaven.

Holy Mama, You who had so much care for Jesus to change the water into wine, so as to make the spouses happy – O please, I pray You not to let Jesus leave for His public life, if He does not concede to You that His Will will come to reign upon earth.

“How many surprises in this Will, so Holy! And what is more, is that It awaits the creature in order to keep her aware of all Its works, to let her know how much It loves her, and to give her what It does as gift.” (Vol.36 – Dec. 8, 1938)

“Nothing beautiful and good will be lacking to one who has lived in my Eternal Fiat.” (Vol.36 – Aug. 28, 1928)

Seventeenth Hour

The soul follows Jesus in His miracles,
and asks Him to perform the great miracle of making all souls
rise again in the Divine Will.

My Jesus, You keep sowing miracles, and I accompany You always with my “I love You, I bless You and I thank You”.

My Jesus, as You pass roads and cities, a moving scene becomes present to You: blind, mute, deaf, crippled, paralyzed people, lepers, and all the human miseries that pierce your Divine Heart. Oh! how You shudder; your Heart catches upon seeing that very human nature which came out so beautiful and perfect from your creative hands, transformed into miseries and almost horrible to the sight – all the effect of the degraded human will which, overflowing with its wicked effects, rendered humanity unhappy. O please! my Love, I beg You to let your Fiat return to reign in our midst. If You want, You can; and It will put to flight the unhappinesses that the human will has produced. Therefore, I make my “I love You” flow in your act of giving sight to the blind, that they may acquire the sight to know your Divine Will. How many blind to your Divine Will! The earth is filled with these poor blind; therefore I pray You that everyone may have the sight to know and look at your Most Holy Will.

“It is necessary that you go around time and time again in my Will, in the midst of my works, to ask, all in chorus, for the coming of the Supreme Fiat – so that, together with all Creation and with all my works which I did in Redemption, you may be filled to the brim with all the acts that are needed before the Celestial Father to make known and to impetrate the Kingdom of my Will upon earth….” (Vol.20 – Oct. 24, 1926)

Eighteenth Hour

The soul follows Jesus in His entrance into Jerusalem,
and asks Him for the victory of the Divine Will over the human.
She then follows Him in the institution of the Sacraments.

Celestial Lover, my “I love You” follows You in the triumphant entrance You made into Jerusalem. I impress my “I love You” in the branches of the palm trees, in the mantles that they lay at your feet, in the cries of hosanna that the crowds make for You – to ask You for the triumph of your Will. My Divine King, your look of victorious conqueror seems to want to give me happy news. O please! make me content – tell the little child of your Will that the Kingdom of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven will come.

“Today is the Day of the Palms, in which I was acclaimed as King. Everyone must aspire to a kingdom, and in order to acquire the Eternal Kingdom, it is necessary for the creature to acquire regime over himself and the dominion of his own passions. The only means is suffering, because suffering means reigning – that is, with patience one puts himself in place, becoming King of oneself and of the Eternal Kingdom” (Vol.6 – Apr.19, 1905)

My Love, I cling to You, and as You institute the Sacraments I place my “I love You” in each Baptism, to ask You by virtue of It, for the Fiat Voluntas Tua for each baptized. I bring my “I love You” in the Sacrament of Confirmation, to ask You, in each confirmee, for the victory of your Divine Will. My “I love You” seals the Sacrament of Extreme Unction, to ask You, in each of the dying, for a last act of their life in your Divine Will. My Jesus, my “I love You” is impressed in the Sacrament of Ordination, to ask You for Priests of your Will, and for your Kingdom within them. My “I love You” extends in the Sacrament of Matrimony, to ask You for families formed in your Divine Fiat. My “I love You” rises in the Sacrament of Confession, to ask You, in each Confession, for death to sin and for the life of your Divine Will. My Life, Jesus, my “I love You” will never leave You – it will be eternal with You.


The soul follows Jesus:

    1. in Gethsemani;
    2. in His death;
    3. into the sepulcher;
    4. into Limbo;
    5. in His Resurrection;
    6. in His Ascension.

Nineteenth Hour

The soul follows Jesus, step by step, in Gethsemani,
and is present during the three hours of agony in the Garden.

My Jesus, I want to relieve You by making my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You” flow in each drop of your Blood.

My afflicted Jesus, You are entering into the sea of your Passion. Your steps are directed to the Garden of Gethsemani. I see that You prostrate Yourself to the ground, and You pray; but as You pray, pant, sigh, agonize and sweat Blood, everything comes before You – all pains and all sins, each of them carrying the mark of the deadly weapon of the human will that wages war against a God. Ah! yes, it is the human will that, with its weapons, puts the Divine Will into agony; it has kept It so for many centuries, and it still does. My agonizing Jesus, my poor heart cannot bear seeing You cast to the ground and wet with your own Blood; and because of this Blood, I ask You for the Kingdom of your Divine Will upon earth. Therefore, before You leave this Garden, give me your word – content this little child of Yours, and tell me that the triumph of your Divine Will will come.


“This agony of my Will is so painful, that my Humanity, which wanted to suffer it in the garden of Gethsemani, reached the point of seeking the help of my very apostles – but not even that I obtained; and the spasm was such that I sweat living blood. Feeling like succumbing under the enormous weight of the agony of my Divine Will, so long and terrible, I invoked the help of my Celestial Father, saying to Him: ‘Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me’. In all the other pains of my Passion, as atrocious as they were, I never said: ‘If it is possible, let this pain pass’. On the contrary, on the cross I cried out: ‘I thirst’ – I thirst for pains…” (Vol.20 – Nov. 19, 1926)

Twentieth Hour

The soul follows Jesus in the pains of His Passion,
up to Calvary and to His death on the Cross;
and she prays for the triumph of the Divine Will.

Jesus, may my “I love You” seal your spasms, up to your last breath.

My Jesus, my heart cannot bear this. I would like to put You in safety with my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I thank You”, and I ask for your Fiat, reigning on the earth – the only means to make your pains cease; otherwise we will never end, and I will have the continuous sorrow of seeing You suffer.

My heart cannot bear seeing You being presented with the Cross. You embrace It, and You place It upon your shoulders. Oh! how I would want to cover the whole Cross with my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You”; and I ask You, by virtue of your Cross, that all the pains which your love sends to creatures may carry the virtue of your Fiat.

Oh! how I want to cry out in each pain You suffer, in each drop of your Blood: “May your Fiat come!”; and in each fall, in each tearing to your hair soaked with blood, in each shove You receive: “I love You – may the Kingdom of your Will come.”

Crucified Jesus, for the sake of the harrowing pains You suffered on the Cross, I ask that You give us graces, and that we may burn with thirst for living in your Divine Will; and that by receiving your consummation within our will, our will may be consumed in Yours. With your death, give death to our will. May your Fiat live again in all hearts; may It triumph and, victorious, may It extend through all mankind and reign on earth as It does in Heaven.


“O Jesus, I unite myself to You and I cling to your Cross; I take all the drops of your Blood and I pour them into my heart. When I see your Justice irritated against sinners, I will show You this Blood in order to appease You. When I want the conversion of souls obstinate in sin, I will show You this Blood, and by virtue of It You will not reject my prayer, because I hold its pledge in my hands. And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present and future, together with your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say: “We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.” (From “The 24 Hours of the Passion” – 19th Hour)

Twenty-first Hour

The soul encloses herself in the sepulcher with Jesus
in order to bury her will with Him. She then descends into Limbo,
and with all of those souls, she asks for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

My Love, You are now dead. Oh! how I would like to die together with You. But this is not conceded to Me! Fiat Fiat!… I want to receive You in my arms to enclose your Most Holy Humanity in my “I love You”, so that in everything You see, You may see my “I love You”, You may feel my “I love You”, You may touch my “I love You”.

My dead Jesus, after I have enclosed your Humanity in my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I thank You”, as though forming a burial with my “I love You” to ask You to bury the human will, that it may not come back to life – together with my sorrowful Mama and Yours, I accompany You into Limbo with my “I love You”.

Don’t You hear, my Love, many voices dear to You? And the very Queen of Sorrows that supplicates You? And I, together with Her, say to You: “Come – may the Kingdom of your Will come upon earth. Let everyone know your adorable Will.”

“Jesus is buried. A stone seals Him and prevents His Mama from looking at Her Son any longer. And we – do we hide from the gazes of creatures; are we indifferent if everyone forgets us? In holy things, do we remain indifferent, with that holy indifference which makes us never disobey? In the total abandonment of Jesus, do we conquer everything with a holy indifference which leads us continuously to Him? And do we form with our constancy a sweet chain, so as to draw Him toward us? Is our gaze buried in the gaze of Jesus, so that we look at nothing but that which Jesus wants? Is our voice buried in the voice of Jesus, so that if we want to speak, we do not speak but with the tongue of Jesus? Are our steps buried in His, so that as we walk, we may leave the mark of the steps of Jesus, not of our own? And is our heart buried in His, in order to love and desire as His Heart loves and desires?

My Mama, when Jesus hides from me for the good of my soul, give me the grace that You had in the privation of Jesus, so that I may give Him all the glory that You gave Him, when He was placed in the Sepulcher.” (From “The 24 Hours of the Passion” – Reflections and Practices, 24th Hour)

Twenty-second Hour

The soul is present as Jesus goes out of Limbo triumphantly,
and together with the Queen of Sorrows and all the souls of the just,
she asks for the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.

My Jesus, before You leave Limbo, concede to me that your Will may reign and dominate on earth as It does in Heaven.

My Jesus, You set out for the sepulcher in order to conquer death and make your Divine Humanity rise again. What a solemn moment! I want to place my “I love You” on the sepulcher, in the act in which You rise again within that Light and Glory that surround You, to ask You for the resurrection of the Divine Will in the human will. May we all rise again in You. Don’t You want, then, to give me that which You enclose? Therefore, I pray You, for the sake of your Resurrection – knock down the human will with your omnipotent breath, and let Yours rise again, glorious and victorious.

Twenty-third Hour

The soul follows Jesus in the Act of the Resurrection,
and asks Him to knock down the human will and to make the Divine Will rise again.

My Jesus, today, the day of your death, is the day of your victories, of your triumph. Don’t You want, then, to give me the triumph of your Divine Will over the human wills? Therefore, let me hear your most sweet voice, before You leave Limbo, conceding to me that your Will may reign and dominate on earth as It does in Heaven.

My conqueror, Jesus, I see that You go out of Limbo with the whole army of those just souls.


“Then, while following the acts which the Supreme Fiat had done in Redemption, I reached that point at which my sweet Jesus was in the act of rising from the dead, and I was saying: ‘My Jesus, just as my “I love You” has followed You into Limbo, and investing all the inhabitants of that place, we have asked You, all together, to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of your Supreme Fiat upon earth – so do I want to impress my “I love You” upon the tomb of your Resurrection, so that, just as your Divine Will made your Most Holy Humanity rise again as fulfillment of Redemption and as the new contract with which You would restore the Kingdom of your Will on earth – so my incessant “I love You”, following all the acts You did in the Resurrection, may ask You, pray You – supplicate You to make souls rise again in your Will, that your Kingdom may be established in the midst of creatures’…” (Vol.21 – Mar.26, 1927)

* * * * *

“I continued my round in all that Our Lord did on earth and I stopped in the act of the Resurrection. What triumph! What glory! Heaven poured Itself upon earth to be spectator of such a great glory…” (Vol.36 – Apr.20, 1938)

* * * * *

“My daughter, as many acts as the soul does in my Will, so many times does she rise again to Divine Life; and the more acts she does in It, the more the Divine Life grows, and the more complete becomes the glory of the Resurrection…” (Vol.21 – Mar.26, 1927)

Twenty-fourth Hour

The soul is present at the Ascension of Jesus,
and asks to be able sing, always, her loving refrain:
“May the Kingdom of your Divine Will come upon earth”.

My risen Jesus, my “I love You” follows You in all the acts You did as risen, in the midst of your disciples. I call Heaven and earth to accompany You in your ascending into Heaven when, triumphant, You opened Its doors, which had been closed for many centuries to poor humanity. I place my “I love You” upon those eternal doors, and I ask You, for the sake of that blessing which You gave to all your disciples who were present at the feast of your Ascension into Heaven, to bless all human wills, that they may know the great good of living in your Will; and for the sake of that love with which You opened for us the doors of Heaven, let your Divine Will descend from those very doors to reign upon earth as It reigns in Heaven.


“My blessed daughter, there is no part of my life which does not symbolize the Kingdom of my Divine Will. On this day of my Ascension, I felt victorious and triumphant. My pains had already ended; or rather, I was leaving my pains, already suffered, in the midst of my children whom I was leaving on earth, as help, as strength and support… So I was leaving and yet staying. I was staying by virtue of my pains; I was staying in their hearts in order to be loved, after my Most Holy Humanity would ascend into Heaven…” (Vol.34 – May 20, 1936)

Taken from  with permission


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